Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome my first follower! I am happy that someone wants to improve their life! Now today I want to talk about what a healthy diet looks like and what a unhealthy diet looks like...If your eating a big bag of chips everyday lets just say your not living a healthy lifestyle haha :P. But Its still ok in moderation and in the end of the day its all about a good balance of nutrients.
Healthy diet:
40% protein 40% carbs 20% fat
-Aim for most vitamins and minerals but supplement a multi everyday :)
-Take in healthy amounts of fish oil everyday
-Drink 64oz-128oz of water a day
-Try to stay near home cooked food
-Junk food in moderation
Unhealthy diet
Almost no protein 50-70% carbs 30-50% fat
-no minerals or vitamins
-no fish oil
-Constant junk food
These are the basics of a  healthy/unhealthy diet.


  1. Good stuff! Great to see other people concerned about diet. Also, I highly recommend the documentary Fat Head for some clarification on health misconceptions.

    1. I have seen that like 5 times haha and ya it makes some good points :)

  2. I eat way to many carbs :P They are everywhere!