Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life as a personal trainer

I am a personal trainer which brings me around 40-50,000 dollars a year! And sometimes I like to make extra money doing things on the side. If your devoted to fitness like me your probably in the same situation so I advise you check out this website
The way it works is you fill out offers/surveys with info and you get credited ..3-1 dollar. Each offer takes like 1 minute if you have an autofill info app. So in 1 hour you could do 40 offers worth 50 cents each and earn 20 dollars in a hour...And by using the link I posted you will get a 1 dollar sign up bonus and a 10 % increased earning bonus. I do this in my off time some time and during my free time at work at the front desk of Planet Fitness. It has helped me earn almost 1000 dollars last month!

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